Friday, 3 August 2012

David Hewson

It is a while since I posted anything, real life got in the way again.
I read David Hewson's book within a few days while house-sitting.  I was transported to Rome but not the Rome I remember from a holiday there, this time the City was blanketed in snow, which continued to fall throughout the narrative.
     The main interest for me was not the crime, which was intriguing, but the setting including the interior of the Pantheon and the characters;  Nic Costa and his partner, a demoted older man from the vice squad, Peroni, make a formidable team, led by the enigmatic Falcone.  Not only do the trio have to contend with the weather plus the crime they are on a collison course with their own Police Department and Secret Squirrels, who are deferring to the FBI.

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