Friday, 3 August 2012

David Hewson

It is a while since I posted anything, real life got in the way again.
I read David Hewson's book within a few days while house-sitting.  I was transported to Rome but not the Rome I remember from a holiday there, this time the City was blanketed in snow, which continued to fall throughout the narrative.
     The main interest for me was not the crime, which was intriguing, but the setting including the interior of the Pantheon and the characters;  Nic Costa and his partner, a demoted older man from the vice squad, Peroni, make a formidable team, led by the enigmatic Falcone.  Not only do the trio have to contend with the weather plus the crime they are on a collison course with their own Police Department and Secret Squirrels, who are deferring to the FBI.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Carole Matthews Book

 21st June 2012

In an effort to expand my reading of modern authors without resorting to a book club, which I left because the books were not very interesting, I decided to concentrate on the authors who had articles about them in Writing Magazine.  Carole Mattews was the first.  The story is set in Liverpool and the heroine is a single mum who tries to upgrade the estate where she lives.  Her attempts are complicated by the two men she loves; the man she has known for years, who adores her and her ten year old son, the handsome and rich man who is teaching the computer course where she is trying to better her prospects.

In the beginning I thought I would not enjoy it, not given to reading romantic fiction, but the characters drew me in.  I became very fond of her son Charlie and his efforts to control his mother's love life.  Sally Freeman's friends and neighbours play a large part in the story and also hold your interest.  I am not ashamed to admit the ending had me in tears.  I can really recommend this to anyone who likes a good story well told.  You can find her HERE